Prague, Czech Republic

Our time in Prague was short and sweet! We really only had a little under 48 hours there so we tried our best to make the most of it. It was nice getting back to a place that wasn’t nearly as expensive as Munich. Overall, we found Prague to be an incredibly affordable place to travel when it came to food, accommodation, and transportation.

We took a five hour charter bus from Munich to Prague early in the morning. The ride was much more pleasant than the crazy driving we had in Italy, Spain, and France. After we dropped our things at our air bnb we took the old street cars to the city central to get lunch and walk around a bit. With cheap food abound, we treated ourselves to some Pho for under 5 USD and some other random odds and ends, a sausage croissant, a shake, anything we could to satisfy some long growing hunger. 

After filling up we walked around to the large plaza in the center of Prague, known as Old Town Square. The architecture throughout the city had been well maintained and everything from the apartments to the restaurants had that old-time European feel. We checked out the Astronomical Clock in the center of the square as well as the old church and did some people watching. The square is massive so there were bounds of street performers and food carts. The weather wasn’t the nicest so we didn’t stay out for too long. 

Our evening ended with some decent ramen and a treat known in Prague called, Trdelnik. Think of dough wrapped around a thick rod roasted over a hot flame. Then it is knocked off the rod, rolled in sugar and then stuffed with your fillings of choice. We went for the strawberries and vanilla ice cream with chocolate drizzle and it was to die for. Everything you could want in a warm pillow-y dessert with refreshing creamy, fruity center. That wasn’t our last trdelnik of the trip, that’s for sure.

We were still pretty tired from our non-stop travel and the weather was drizzly on our last day in Prague so we tried to do a little sight-seeing but kept it easy going. The largest castle grounds in Europe are found in Prague so we took the tram to the castle and walked around a bit. The entirity of the land was filled with flower gardens, apartments where people still reside, a church, clock tower, and massive castle tower in the center. We could tell that the castle had been well taken care of and refurbished frequently, as with most of the architecture in Prague.

Once we felt we had seen enough of the castle we decided to walk down into the city instead of take the tram. The walk was along the water and across some beautiful bridges. We stopped in the city square for another trdelnik and some overpriced sausage and potato concoction. We had one last stroll through the city and then it was off to bed before our day of travel to Edinburgh. 

Overall, I wish we had more time in Prague. It was very beautiful, like a walk back in time, everything kept up so nicely. Best of all, it was extremely affordable for us!

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