Camino del Norte: Day 12, Caborredondo to Comillas

We finally had a morning of sleeping in and wow what an extra hour of sleep can do! Scott and I both felt way better than we had. I think it also helped that there were no snorers in the Albergue last night. The best part about this morning though, was the hot tea I got to enjoy before we hiked. I also enjoyed being able to get dressed in the light and being able to see all my things as I was packing my bag.

Our walk today was through gentle rolling hills and on a lot of pavement. It was short but it seemed like it took forever. We have really gotten into the swing of things, wake-up, hike, eat, sleep, repeat, and it was starting to feel a bit monotonous. To pass the time we listened to some Ted talks. One about an Indian woman from a small village promoting education in young girls living in rural areas, and the other about poker. I’m sure you can guess which podcast was aimed at who. 

The hotel we are staying at for the night is called Hotel Marina de Campios and for $45 a night it is shockingly nice. We also got to check in three hours early, a pleasant surprise. After we dropped our bags in our room we wandered around the historic center of the town. The first stop, a bakery of course. We indulged in a delicious chocolate croissant. I savored every second of it since I haven’t gotten my bakery fix in a few days. 

We got a few things from the grocery store and then looked around at the restaurants to see if there was anything appealing for dinner. From across the square I saw big letters CHOCOLATE AND CHURROS. So I had to order it. We got a mug of chocolate and few hot churros, it was delicious. You best believe I drank every last drop of the mug of chocolate after we finished dipping our churros.

After that we headed back to the hotel and just relaxed. Watched some TV in Spanish and talked about the rest of the camino. We will make it to Santiago and our strategy is to just take things day by day. Today was a great recharge day, but not much for the way of words on the blog!

Tomorrow is a very long day of 18-19 miles so the more rest the better!

Today’s Stats:

Number of km: 14.3km
Percent paved trail- 14.3km
Percent unpaved trail- 0km
Difficulty- Easy
Cities passed through: Ciguenza, Cobreces, Trasierra, La Iglesia
Albergue- Hotel Marina de Campios, wifi, towels, hot shower, mini fridge, tv, outdoor space, balcony, pillows, blankets, continental breakfast

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