Camino del Norte: Day 11, Guemes to Caborredondo

Today we have officially completed more than a third of the Camino! In honor of this, we took three modes of transportation today (okay that wasn’t planned, but it worked out). We traveled by foot, ferry, foot, train, and foot again. Other than that though, we had a pretty boring, bland day. Which is the first of it’s kind for us on this trip, so maybe it was needed!

We started off this morning very early leaving the cult… I mean Albergue, in Guemes. We packed our stuff outside to be courteous to the other pilgrims sleeping and apparently when I left for a few minutes a man working for the Albergue was just standing outside watching Scott pack… odd. We were definitely ready to get out of there. Their hospitality was great, but the vibe was off. 

The hike to Somo to catch a ferry across the river was incredibly boring. All on pavement, no views, no cute towns to go through, not even a bakery open in Somo. Apparently, the ferry is now apart of the official way of the Camino. If you don’t want to take the ferry, you don’t have to, but it will be an extra 20km. Most people choose the ferry. After we got off the ferry in Santander we walked a bit and came to a point that you must take the train because the Camino passes over the tracks on a bridge. In years past, many pilgrims did not use common sense and crossed the tracks while a train was coming. Now it is illegal to do so and you are required to take the train for that portion of the hike. Since we were already taking the train, Scott and I decided to take it down a few more stops to gain some ground. We still hiked our standard 25km today, just in bits and pieces. 

After the train we hiked through a few small towns (got a terrible pastry) and then arrived at Izzara Albergue. The host spoke little English but welcomed us in. He told us dinner and breakfast is provided and showed us the facilities. We were not expecting a meal and packed canned tuna, so dinner was a pleasant surprise. 

For the rest of the day Scott and I lounged around and did some busy work. There wasn’t a whole lot to do and we found ourselves pretty bored. Also, not one other pilgrim had checked into the Albergue since we had arrived. Luckily, around 6pm, four other people arrived and in the middle of dinner another knocked on the door. 

Dinner was delicious. Salad made with pears, lentil mixed with veggies, and lots of bread of course. Scott and I were the only ones who didn’t speak Spanish so we just watched and listened while everyone talked. Laughing along at the appropriate times. The woman who showed up late was able to do some translating for us which was really nice. 

A very uneventful day, but probably needed. Tomorrow we are going to a beach town that I am really excited about. It is a short walk from where we are now, only 10 miles. We will be able to sleep in tomorrow (for the first time!!!) and still get to the other town early enough to enjoy some tapas, baked treats, and the beach. Another treat (by accident) is the Albergue in the next town is closed so we had to book a hotel for tomorrow. A cheap one, but finally a space not filled with snoring pilgrims, smelly clothes, and hopefully some air conditioning!

Today’s Stats:
Number of km: 56.8 (25.2 by foot, 9.1 by ferry, 22.5 by train)
Percent paved trail- 25.2
Percent unpaved trail- 0
Difficulty- Easy
Cities passed through: Galizano, Somo, Santander, Boo, Cdon, Requejada, Barreda, Santillana del Mar, Orena
Albergue- Izzara, blankets, pillows, common space, outdoor space, clothes lines, hot showers, washer and dryer, breakfast and dinner included, and wifi

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