Denver, CO (our new residence!)

I’m not going to lie, when we pulled up to our new home I was a little taken aback. I knew it was a fixer upper, but this place was ROUGH. The carpet was terribly stretched and stinky, the interior had been trashed, the walls had holes in them, the master bedroom door had a hole, the bathroom vanity was disgusting and pieced together poorly, and the kitchen was ugly as sin. I looked at Scott and thought, this place is not livable. But he was confident we could get it into working order.

We got straight to work on ripping out the carpet, sanding down the doors, pulling up the floor nails and all the trim, ripping out the old vanity and mirror, and sanding down the cabinets. Once all that was done, we took some time to get some odds and ends for our place, like dressers, a couch, dining room table, those kinds of things that we knew we could get cheap from Craigslist. Then came painting. If someone asks you to paint a whole house, do not do it. I can now confirm, it is a craft that takes FOREVER. We painted the whole house with new paint, painted all the doors and trim, and even the cabinets in the kitchen, in most places it took three coats, in some four!

Ben came out to help

During this painting process, Scott’s old friend from the military, Ben, came out to visit and help with our house. Ben has a ton of construction experience and offered to help Scott with putting in new floors. Together they also painted, put in a new vanity, new light fixtures, and some other small projects. I was so relieved to have Ben’s help and it was nice to have someone in our new place!

After Ben left, we promised next time he came to visit we would just do fun things and absolutely no work. I am telling you, in four days those guys did an incredible amount of work on this house. I am thankful! Scott and I still had some painting to do and then it was time to finish the kitchen and start unpacking all our boxes. Finally having a place to our own to put everything in its place was so nice.

We finally finished putting everything away in the house, garage, and shed, just hours before Scott’s mother was to visit. I was happy with how the house turned out and so excited to finally have guests. It feels like the perfect mix of Scott and I and definitely a place you would want to come home to now.

Kitchen painted
New floor and paint!

Cathy was coming to visit to potentially help us with the last pieces of the house, but we ended up getting most of the stuff done so she helped with buying a few extra things that we needed. The rest of the time we got to show her around, eat lots of good food, and just enjoy each other’s company. We even went to my favorite restaurant in all of Denver, Denver Biscuit Co.

Flatirons with Cathy

To conclude our visit with Cathy, we were actually going to fly back to Eugene with her to pick up the van we left at my parents’ house! The second week of June we all headed back to Eugene for some final goodbyes and to start off on our road trip around the US.

Denver Biscuit Co
Our next door neighbor gifted us a fresh trout!

****These events occurred from May 22-June 10****

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