Barcelona Part #2

Our last two days in Barcelona were pretty standard for us, beach time and good food. We were able to go to La Sagrada Familia on Friday, which was spectacular. The largest church I have ever seen and still in construction. Gaudi, the designer, died almost a century ago, only having finished the base and a few pillars of the massive church. Now it houses a huge main hall, beautiful stained glass windows, and several large towers. The completion of the church is set for 2026, marking 100 years since Gaudi’s passing, but there is a lot of speculation on it being finished in time.

After our church tour we headed to the beach, of course. Since it was Friday it was absolutely packed. Even when we left around 6pm there were still hundreds of people laying out. Our subway ride home was especially crowed with people coming into town for the weekend. We were starting to look forward to moving on to our next place.

Our dinner that night was nothing fancy, just a classic pasta with red sauce to save some money. Other than that it was a pretty boring evening, but we needed to get a lot of sleep because the next day we had a flight out at 1:30am, reaching Greece at 5am.

The check-out time listed for our Air bnb on Saturday was at 11am, but the host let us stay until 3pm and then additionally let us hold our bags there until we headed to the airport at 9pm. There is nothing worse wandering around a big city with large backpacks in 90 degree weather. We were incredibly thankful for his kindness to say the least.

We headed to the ocean for a few hours to take in the beach one last time before we left. It was even more crowded than the day before, so leaving didn’t seem all too bad. After that we sought out some ice cream (chocolate and raspberry cheesecake again), empanadas, and our last chocolate con churros of Spain. Thank goodness we ended on a good churro. We had so many over the last few weeks that left us unsatisfied so leaving on a good note was especially nice.

In each country we try to purchase one piece of street art to remember our time there. It’s convenient, we can roll all the pieces of art into a tube and take them home to frame later. We found a young artist who did small original paintings of the church we visited. Perfect size and price, we were sold!

After our art search, we were hungry (again). We have been trying to do intermittent fasting since we got to Spain, not eating from 8pm-12pm. It has been a bit of a challenge because we try to cram all our eating into such a short amount of time, but it has it’s benefits, especially when we aren’t working out as much as we would like. Anyways, we walked to a street that basically specialized in tapas. I had never seen anything like it. Every single bar on the street had their entire counters covered in these small, delicious foods. I’m relieved we didn’t visit this street earlier because I think I would’ve had to go there every night.

We decided to end our last hours in Spain eating Paella next to the water at a nice restaurant. Scott and I talked for a while about how we were feeling about traveling long term, things we missed, things we looked forward to, and what we would change. It was really interesting because a lot of things we had left unsaid because we didn’t want to spoil it for the other person, like spending too much time in Portugal or Barcelona, or getting a bit bored of just traveling all together. But we both felt mutually towards all those things. Wanting to take advantage of this opportunity in the present, but also being excited for what’s next. It was comforting to be on the same page!

Traveling isn’t all glamour or excitement, and I think writing this blog is important to highlight the ups, but also be realistic about the downs because so often social media depicts everything as being perfect (I know I do this on Instagram). Which isn’t healthy for anyone to believe or compare to because that isn’t anyone’s reality.

Anyways, enough of my side rant! We’ve been in Athens, Greece for the last two days and we head to the Greek Island of Paros tomorrow, so I’ll write up a quick post about Athens on the ferry tomorrow morning. Stay tuned 🙂

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